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Tahiti Shark Expéditions  offers animal expeditions around Moorea, where encounters with sharks and marine mammals are our daily routine. We also go diving to Tahiti, to the famous “Vallée Blanche” well known for its dozens of sharks. The day or half day trip expeditions are done either in diving, or snorkeling. Thanks to the flexibility of the private boat, whether you are with friends, family or a couple, there will be something special for you!
This concept was developed by Nicolas Buray with the aim of sharing his 20 years of experience in Polynesian underwater wildlife, with divers livened up with the same passion.


Lemon sharks

60 Reef-sharks

Lagoon and Reef

Humpback whales



Nico is the one to dive with... knows sharks academically and professionally... knows the area and honours both culture and biology. Every year, I aim to do this dive and am NEVER disappointed. Thank you, Nico... always amazing!
Experienced Diver
A nice day out to watch the whales. Nico is very professional and respectful about the approach of these mammals. This allowed us to have optimal conditions ... it will be engraved forever in our heads. The atmosphere on board is relaxed and Nico gave us a lot of information about the island, the lagoon and the underwater life. Another big thank you!
Whale watcher
Great service, Nico is very knowledgeable and responsible. Highly recommended!
Experienced Diver

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15% off for Honeymooners from the 15th of Nov to the 15th of July on all the private boats! (cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer)
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