Our stars

The TIGER sharks and the LEMON shark.

For more information about these two species, this document will give you a summary :Présentation du requin citron et requin-tigre. 

The association ” Observatory of Polynesian sharks” (ORP)

The aim of the Observatory (ORP) is to compile and collect all available information of the different species of sharks and rays in Polynesia.  ORP will also offer a more pragmatic function of the reality to meet the expectations of different current strategies implemented for sustainable development.

  • Protection: preservation of endangered species and strategic habitats , management of high tourism sites contribution to maintain marine biodiversity.
  • Deepen and develop scientific knowledge:  ORP data analyzing (population structure, individual or group strategy, role in the ecosystem), Monitor the migration of some  species through photo-identification, implement of research programs with the expertise of the ORP (biopsies tags poses, etc.).
  • Communication: promoting the image of Polynesian sharks beyond the territory, develop educational projects, awareness of politics  and populations.