The open ocean, the universe that deserves to be known!

Going off to meet pelagic animals … what a funny idea! And yet though, many richness are hidden in this immensity. Something you should aware of is that expedition is for an informed public, namely that you should not be afraid to wait several hours on the ocean before seeing a pelagic species. And when we find it, what a joy to feel alone with nature!

In recent years, we have observed an increase in pelagic fauna. When the weather conditions are good it is common to find the narrow-billed dolphins (Steno) and admire their ballet in fins, mask and snorkel. While the schools of birds reveal the presence of schools of skipjack and tunas, what can be said of FADs (Fish Aggregating Devices) natural or not, which unveil their extraordinary mini-ecosystems.

The half day expedition includes:

  • Safety and educational briefings ,
  • Private boat
  • Experienced guide and Skipper,
  • Tea break

And in addition for the full day:

  • Lunch
  • The increase of chances of sighting!

For all our expeditions, we are equipped with all necessary safety equipment, satellite beacon and GPS.

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The animals encountered in recent years during our expeditions are:

  • Spinner, Steno and Risso’s dolphins
  • Pilot Whales,
  • False killer whales,
  • Beaked and Humpback whales ,
  • Silky and Oceanic whitetip shark,
  • Whale-Sharks,
  • mahi mahi,
  • Tuna,
  • Bonites,
  • manta ray,
  • mobulas…