The "Vallée Blanche", indisputably in the TOP 5 dive sites in Polynesia!

60 is the minimum number of reef sharks that you will observe in diving, and up to a hundred for the best periods!


Tahiti Shark Expeditions is the only dive center based in Moorea that will take you diving to Tahiti at the Vallée Blanche dive site. After 25 minutes of boat which can bring us some good surprises (whales, dolphins, …), dozens of sharks will escort our group of divers. Among them, gray sharks and black tips are counted by tens, lemon sharks are also present as well as white tips and nurse sharks. Tiger shark, napoleon fish, eagle rays, barracudas and trevally are often at the rendez-vous!

What are the differences with the “Tiger Shark” expedition since we are diving on the same site?

We do not use bait for the “Reef Shark” expedition. No odor is spreading with the current, which decreases the chances of encounters with the tiger shark. Therefore, there is no waiting on the boat, the expedition is half day and most dives are drifting dives.

The half day expedition includes:

  • Safety and educational briefings ,
  • 2 Dives,
  • Tea break,
  • Private or shared boat.

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