Nicolas Buray

Diving instructor BEES 2, he moved to Moorea in 1998. Alongside his responsibilities in a dive center, he studied at CRIOBE * Moorea for 6 years and has been graduated from the EPHE * in 2010 about the Behavioral Study of the lemon shark population (Negaprion acutidens) in a “shark feeding” site (Opunohu). In 2011, he founded the non-profit organization “Observatory of Polynesian Sharks’ which includes hundreds of shark enthusiasts observers. Moreover, Nicolas is still working with the CRIOBE, especially to set acoustic tags on tiger sharks. He is the co-author of several publications dedicated to Polynesia sharks (see list of publications below)

Michel Bègue

DEJEPS diving instructor and naturalist guide, Michel lives in Polynesia since 1989. After thousands of dives in the five Polynesian archipelagos, he keeps a still intact enthusiasm! Fascinated by sharks and by tigers-shark in particular, he has contributed to numerous film shoots. Today, he keeps to meet with these fabulous animals, identifies them and communicates his passion. He is currently a student at EPHE CRIOBE * Moorea where he is preparing a thesis photo-identification of tiger sharks in Tahiti, which qualifies Michel to structure his personal work started in 2011.

Baptiste Le Bouil

Diving instructor for 10 years worldwide, he moved to Tahiti in 2012. First came to live closer to his passion of large marine animals, he gets passionate very quickly for technical approaches of whales and sharks. Enthusiastic and determinate, Baptiste will always try to do his best to get you in the best possible conditions, with first priority to respect animals. These caracteristics make Baptiste one of the best guide you could meet. If he is not with us that means he is probably diving in an remote atoll with his camera!

Sylvain Camps

Passionate about the underwater world, Sylvain made his first bubbles in the Mediterranean sea at only 8 years old. Several years later at The Reunion island, he decided to make his passion his job and gets his BEES 1. Diver adventurer, he wets his fins at the 4 corners of the planet and in 2016 he decided to come and settle in Moorea to fulfill his dream: to live and dive in Polynesia.

* École Pratique des Hautes Études au Centre de Recherches Insulaires et Observatoire de l’Environnement





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Buray, N., E. Clua, Mourier, J. & S. Planes. Population size, residence patterns and reproduction of a sicklefin lemon shark population (Negaprion brevirostris) visiting a shark-feeding location at Moorea Island, French Polynesia. 11th Pacific Science Inter-Congress,02-06 March 2009, Tahiti.