MA’Otugi, “the shark from Otugi pass”, is a Rigid-hulled inflatable boat, manufactured by PRO MARINE shipyard in Brittany. If we brought this ship from so far it is because it is made with very specific criteria, providing maximum comfort both at sea and in the lagoon. Unsinkable, with a length of 7.85m x 3.06m width and a deep “V » hull, it guarantees optimum safety.

A Yamaha 250 hp motor provides propulsion.

For the confort of the divers, the boat is equipped with sofa, sunshade, ladder and dry storage space.

The boat perfectly meets the safety standards imposed by the Polynesian Directorate of Maritime Affairs, the State Maritime Affairs and the Directorate of Youth and Sports. An oxygen kit is permanently on board. Mineral water is distributed at will.