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Diving with tiger sharks, it is possible and safe!

This shark has a bad reputation worldwide. However, in some places and especially in French Polynesia, the  observation of this animal is carried out with confidence. You are a diver with experience, you dream to observe or photograph the tiger shark that can reach 4 meters, this day is for you …

Beyond the pleasure of sharing their passion with you, Nicolas Buray and other experts will accompany you and carry on scientific observations. At the end of each dive, a report is made to complete the tiger sharks behavioural studies program undertaken by CRIOBE (Island Research Center and Environment Observatory) Moorea and ORP (Observatory of sharks in Polynesia). That means, you will get the unique opportunity to know the story behind each individuals!

Our expeditions “Tiger sharks” are day trips on the diving site “Vallée Blanche” in Tahiti where over sixty sharks meet. Tours start from the marina in Moorea Vaiare (about 25 minutes by boat), Papeete (about 17 minutes) or the marina Taina Punaauia (20 minutes).

To optimize the quality of sighting, we limit this expedition to 6 divers maximum.

The expedition includes:
  • Safety and educational briefings ,
  • 2 dives (about 20 meters deep (65 feet) )
  • Lunch
  • Supervision by 2 professional instructors,
  • The boat for you exclusively (for the private services)

** For this expedition, we reserve the right not to use bait if adverse conditions.
Therefore, the price of the “Shark-Tigers” expedition becomes the same as “60 Reef Sharks” **

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The species commonly seen during these dives are:

  • Black tip sharks,
  • Gray sharks,
  • Lemon sharks,
  • coral,
  • Nurse sharks,
  • Tiger sharks,
  • Trevally,
  • Barracudas,
  • Rays, Tunas, etc …

We use bait for this expedition, as described in the following documentary:

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